Platte Clove Community • Elka Park, NY

About Us:
Ours is a large settlement, with a mix of families and singles, located in the picturesque Catskill Mountain range. Established in the 1920s by the New York City Police Department as a summer resort for department members and their families, the property became a much-loved vacation destination for decades. It was named “The Police Recreation Center” and was known informally as “The Police Camp.” Today, Platte Clove frequently hosts members from other Bruderhof settlements who come to camp and enjoy nature.

We are located about 125 miles north of New York City, accessible from Interstate 87 and not far from Hunter Mountain – a popular skiing area. Situated at the head of Platte Clove gorge at an elevation of two thousand feet, we look at the dramatic slopes of the Catskill Mountains down into the Hudson Valley, made famous by the Hudson River School painters. Our property includes a large, hotel-style main building, an A-frame community hall, apartment buildings, a school, and a workshop producing Rifton Equipment.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We are happy when our neighbors join us for dinner on most Saturday evenings, and we also host seasonal events open to the general public. Though ours is not a densely-populated region, we have many opportunities to participate in our wider community, including supporting activities put on by other groups, and the projects of various local foundations. Our area, referred to as “The Mountaintop,” is known for its creative arts, such as ceramic, music, and painting, and Platte Clove has hosted various artists and exhibitions, as well as taken part in local classes and workshops.

Point of Interest:
Much of New York State was settled by the Dutch, who were superstitious about the high mountains above the Hudson River. Their belief that the devil lived in these mountains gave rise to interesting names of local sites: the Devil’s Kitchen (a steep, tight gorge that often creates a head of mist); the Devil’s Footpath (the five-mountain hiking trail favored by serious hikers in the northeast); and the Devil’s Tombstone (a large rock at the head of the footpath) are all nearby.

Meet some of the people who live at Platte Clove:

CarolynMy seven grandchildren and their friends call me Nonna – I am Italian American. My husband, Jim, and I live here at Platte Clove, a Christian community in upstate NY. Of course, living in the mountains has its challenges (namely that the winters are really cold) but it is a beautiful place: the stars at night are stunning and we even have a pair of bald eagles who return each year to nest near our lake. Even though our intentional community is in a rural area, outreach is important to us. I’ve found that it’s easy to meet and talk to our neighbors just by walking down the road. Many of them join us for Saturday supper, and some of us from Platte Clove join the town book club on a regular basis. The local elementary school often interacts with our children; students visit our community regularly with their parents for maple sugaring, or Craft ’n’ Cocoa Days around Christmas.


Rowan: I am 22 and live at the Platte Clove Community in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY. I’ve been here for almost a year and a half now and am learning techniques of surviving harsh winters (I’ve seen two now). Nonetheless, it is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and best of all, a gorgeous lake. I spend my days in our community kitchen with several other people, preparing meals for the residents of our intentional community. It’s a lot of hard work, but is also fun and fulfilling. Though our location sometimes seems far from civilization, there’s still opportunity to care for the folks here as well as invite neighbors up for a meal or event.

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Platte Clove
2255 Platte Clove Rd.
Elka Park, NY 12427
United States
Tel: 518-589-5103

Established: 1990

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