New Meadow Run Community • Farmington, PA

About Us:
New Meadow Run was founded as Oak Lake in 1957 on the site of the former Gorley’s Lake Hotel. We are similar to our other large Bruderhof settlements in that we include a lively mix of families and singles, young and old.

Situated in the picturesque Laurel Highlands of southwest PA, New Meadow Run is just 60 miles south of Pittsburgh PA on National Pike/Hwy 40. We have a large dining hall, apartment buildings, an elementary school, laundry facility, medical clinic, and a vegetable garden. For the most part, members work onsite at the Community Playthings workshop. The grounds connect to Spring Valley Bruderhof by a pedestrian tunnel under Hwy 40.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We regularly welcome friends and neighbors for communal dinner on Saturday evenings. We host seasonal events for the public including a harvest festival in fall and a carol service around Christmas. Our school invites classes from local public schools or summer camps for field days of agricultural and nature study and outdoor games. Some members are active in local volunteer fire and EMS services. Others participate in a local prison ministry, serve meals at the local senior center, or assist with home repairs in the neighborhood. New Meadow Run is located near Ohiopyle State Park, with its 19,000 acres of hiking, biking, and whitewater boating. Community members help maintain trails and volunteer at seasonal festivals to support the park.

Point of Interest:
Our elementary students have built and maintain a pigeon loft for breeding messenger pigeons. Want to communicate from the trail and there is no cell service? Bring along a homing pigeon. Well-trained racing pigeons can fly several hundred miles at a time to get home. 

Meet some of the people who live at New Meadow Run: 
Satcha Wareham, member of New Meadow Run Bruderhof, an intentional Christian community

Satcha: Farmington, Pennsylvania? Yes! I live at New Meadow Run, the same location where my grandparents came to stay back in 1957 to live out their faith in Christian community. Since January of last year it has been my home. We are located in a wooded valley with multiple streams, and an abundance of wildlife that would rival anything Bill Bryson could describe. That’s what makes our community such a paradise for any child or adult lucky enough to live here. Because of our commitment of living together and sharing everything, we are able to run our own school. I work in our customer service department for our business, Community Playthings, but I also enjoy teaching a weekly ceramics class with a few of our middle school students in our Pottery Studio. We are rural, but only a twenty minute drive away from Uniontown, where I volunteer at a home for children who are wards of the state – we bake cookies and do crafts. On Saturday night each week, New Meadow Run hosts an open dinner for anyone who just wants to stop in and visit. If you are in the area, we’d love to have you over.


Ben: I’m a busy forty-year-old dad of five young kids, ages twelve to two. My wife, Mira, and I met fifteen years ago here at New Meadow Run, an intentional Christian community. We feel privileged to be raising our family in this scenic part of rural southwestern Pennsylvania. Our family hobbies include gardening, keeping bees, and attempting to train our new puppy! We’re surrounded by mountains and trout streams but are also close enough to Uniontown (a mid-size city) that our sons can visit the local soup kitchen with their class and I can attend Bible Study at the county jail. We always come home knowing how lucky we are: not only to have our needs met but to be living together with people who care about us. And we can try to love in return.


Pedro: I have been a teacher all my life, and now at 70 years I am still teaching – and loving it. I teach the 2nd grade here at the New Meadow Run community, an intentional community of about 200 individuals. The New Meadow Run community is in the mountains in the western part of Pennsylvania. I moved here about 9 months ago with my wife Esther. Our seven children all have their own families and we have the joy of living with one of them here at New Meadow Run. When I am not teaching I enjoy interacting with the other residents of the community. This area is quite different from the area in NY State where I previously lived. It is good to get to know the people of the wider community at Saturday dinners, which are open to anyone in the area. I like the barn here at New Meadow Run community with its horses, pigs, cows, and sheep. I particularly enjoy taking the school children for horse rides, and now in the winter also sleigh rides. An extra special event for me and my wife was the arrival of our 19th grandchild, Kent. This has also been a cause for celebration for the whole community. Living together in community gives an opportunity for members not only to enjoy such events, but also to support the family in practical ways such as babysitting and cooking meals while Mum and Dad are getting adjusted to the new addition to the family.

Contact Information

New Meadow Run
101 New Meadow Run Dr.
Farmington, PA 15437
United States
Tel: 724-329-8573

Established: 1957

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